General Shipment

What is the maximum weight and size per box accepted by Greyhound© Package Express?

Maximum weight per piece is 100 pounds and the maximum size that will fit under the bus is 30" x 47" x 82". Please be sure to note that shipments with boxes exceeding certain dimensions may result in additional surcharges as detailed in your purchase agreement after shipment drop off.

Do my items have to be in boxes?

It depends, GPX accepts certain items that are not boxed, but are wrapped and padded to prevent damage to the item and to other items in the cargo bins. It is best to contact customer service by emailing sales@United We Ship to seek approval prior placing your order. Also note that plastic storage bins, luggage and other types of storage containers are all accepted for shipping with GPX.

What if my shipment exceeds the piece count, purchased weight and/or box size allowance?

An email detailing the additional piece, weight and/or over-sized charges will be sent to you and your credit card will be charged automatically the following day. Visit the rates link in the Small Package Resources link for accessorial rates for these additional charge types and more.

Is tracking available?

Yes, you will be provided with an online order number that can be used for shipment tracking. Please note that tracking details on GPX deferred services is rather limited comprising of departure and arrival confirmations...this is due to the deferred service level purchased and offered through United We Ship.

How long will it take for my shipment to arrive?

Most shipments placed through United We Ship are long distance shipments...as a result, shipments typically take 4-7 days to arrive. Shipments traveling less than 1,500 miles typically take 1-4 days depending on the actual distance.

What if my shipment comes in less than the purchased weight?

This pre-purchased shipping program does not provide for refunds on weight not utilized. The substantial discounts offered on multiple box shipments through United We Ship are predicated on the box and weights listed for sale. As an FYOI, over 70% of shippers exceed the weight allowance purchased.

Can I insure my package?

All United We orders include $1,000.00 of declared value coverage through Greyhound PackageXpresss. GPX does not offer "insurance" for items but offers coverage for the present day value of the items shipped. See GPX Terms and Conditions for declared value information and limitations.

What is United We Ship's refund policy?

United We Ship provides for refunds prior to shipping (shipment pick-up or shipment drop off (whichever applies)). United We Ship does not facilitate refunds after the shipment has been picked up/dropped off and shipped by Greyhound© PackageXpress. Any refund request following shipping is almost always associated with the GPX claims process as the deferred shipments sold by United We Ship are not eligible for refunds due to delayed arrival. (This is due to the nature and distance or the shipments.) For more information regarding claims visit GPX Terms.

How can I reach customer service?

By e-mailing sales@United We Ship or by calling a United We Ship customer service representative at 1-214-227-9792 or 1-866-SHIPGPX.

Where do I go to ship my package?

Major metropolitan locations will provide a separate storefront/counter for processing Greyhound© PackageXpress (GPX). If the GPX storefront is closed you may bring your package to the Greyhound ticket counter and a customer service representative will process your shipment. (Tip: Proceed to the "will call" section of the ticket counter, if available, to save time.)

What are the terminal hours of operation for drop off and pick-up?

GPX shipping centers and Greyhound terminal hours vary by location with many locations offering service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Helpful hint....United We Ship recommends that customers drop off and pick up items Monday-Friday from 7am to 7pm local time.

Will the recipient be notified upon arrival of the package?

Yes, the recipient's phone number you provide at the time of shipping will be utilized to notify the recipient. If no phone number is provided, a postcard will be sent notifying the recipient of the shipment's availability.

Do you ship to Mexico or Canada?

No, GPX does not currently offer cross-border services into Mexico or Canada.

Instant Quotes/Ordering

I am receiving an error message that no origin or destination location exist...why?

It depends, invalid zipcodes are not specifically identified by the system (sorry) and could be the cause of the error message. Try city/state lookup in these cases to make sure. UWS discounts are not available out of all bus terminals as some operated by other bus companies do not participate in the UWS discount program...if no Greyhound operated facility exist within 100 miles from the city no locations will be returned.

Why does my local station/terminal not appear when I am in Quotes/Order Placement?

A number of factors are used when displaying eligible locations. These include how many items/boxes a location can physically accommodate due to minimal space and who operates the location (only Greyhound operated locations process outbound shipments on the UWS discount

Why doesn't the Full Service option display when I am in Quotes/Order Placement?

The system will provide quotes for "Door" services from select terminals within a 25 mile radius only. In addition, courier pick-up and delivery is typically available out of larger metropolitan areas only.

Pick-Up and Delivery

Where do you offer pick-up and delivery (Full Service)?

We currently deliver to most major and some secondary markets throughout the United States. Instant quotes and ordering manage the availability of pick up and delivery which is provided within a 25 mile radius of the terminals where courier services are available. If pick up and/or delivery is available, you will see a Semi-Full Service or Full Service options with your quote.

Does GPX deliver to homes and apartments?

Yes, GPX does currently offer residential pick-up and delivery in most major and mid-major markets. A four hour delivery window is required for residential delivery services and any and all stairs need to be disclosed. All residential courier services are defined as "at the door" and interior residential (Inside the Home) delivery services are not offered by GPX or United We Ship.

What happens if no one is there to receive the delivery?

GPX will hold the package and make the package available for pick up at a designated Greyhound facility unless authorized to leave the package without signature. Unsuccessful deliveries will incur a re-delivery charge if requested.

How do I change my pick-up or delivery order?

If you need to change anything related to your order call 1-214-227-9792 or 1-866-SHIPGPX for weekend and after hour change needs.


What are your small parcel/packaging requirements?

All shipments must be packed in containers made of durable material and of quality sufficient to withstand handling on buses. All packages containing FRAGILE or PERISHABLE articles must be marked in large letters, preferably with appropriate labels. See GPX Terms and Conditions for complete packaging requirements.

Should I leave my package open for inspection?


Not Required. Greyhound reserves the right to open and inspect shipments when deemed necessary, and to refuse those improperly or inadequately packed, those damaged, and those containing articles prohibited for shipment. See GPX Terms for additional details. Tape will be made available to finish your packaging.

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