Our Community Commitment

United We Ship is a Minority Certified Enterprise that utilizes supplier diversity to attract and contract with Fortune 500 companies to provide logistics and transportation services.  These opportunities fall in line with UWS commitment to social responsibility and our partnership with Urban Social Entrepreneurs (www.urbansocialentrepreneurs.org) to make employment and business opportunities in the Transportation and Logistics industry available to urban communities across America.

Our Commitment to Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity is a business program that encourages the use of: minority-owned, women owned, veteran owned, service disabled veteran owned, historically under-utilized businesses, and SBA defined small business vendors as suppliers.

United We Ship redefines the transportation & logistics industry by recruiting more minority entrepreneurs in partnership with Urban Social Entrepreneurs.

United We Ship is works every day to:

  • Qualify Minority Agents
  • Provide Industry Training
  • Diversify Carrier Networks
  • Inspire Urban Businesses
  • Empower Minority Consumers

Community Partners


Is a nonprofit organization based on the ideas and principles of social entrepreneurism.  It was created to make urban communities economically and socially stronger, through the development of a new generation of social entrepreneurs. Its work begins in Los Angeles, and will spread across America.


A social entrepreneur is a person whose primary goal in any venture is using entrepreneurial means to achieve the greatest social good. Social entrepreneurs work in a variety of organizational structures, but their goals are always essentially similar.  As Roger Martin and Sally Osberg noted in Stanford Social Innovation Review: “ventures created by social entrepreneurs… can be organized as either not-for-profits or for-profits.  What distinguishes social entrepreneurship is the primacy of social benefit…”


An urban social entrepreneur is someone who is committed to using the established models of social entrepreneurship--and also, as appropriate, to creating new models--to build for profit social enterprises (businesses established by social entrepreneurs) focused on a Quadruple Bottom Line (4BL: People, Planet, Purpose, and Profit); and/or nonprofit organizations, which will create a new, strong, sustainable urban economy.


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